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About Cumulus

Cumulus is a remote computing platform delivering software applications and information technology infrastructure to an organization as a service. With Cumulus, organizations can better balance their technology needs and costs. They can purchase the amount of computing capacity required to run their operation, saving money and personnel resources. Cloud computing facilitates the outsourcing of hardware, infrastructure, software, and management so that the organization can concentrate on its core competency. Information technology then becomes an operational expense as opposed to a capital expense. Micro Support Group has been offering cloud solutions for more than 10 years, is fully committed to the concept, and is very experienced in moving organizations to the cloud.

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If you are interested in learning more about how the Cloud can benefit you and your business reach out to us with this link. We are happy to contact you at your convenience however you prefer whether that is over the phone, an email or even a visit.

You may also email us at or call us at 800-854-6559.

Micro Support Group

Micro Support Group has been a leader among small businesses in transitioning itself, its services and its clients over to the Cloud. For several years now, we have had our much of our infrastructure in a certified data center to ensure optimum speed and connectivity for both us and our clients. Recently we added another data center in Rochester, NY to our network as a way to ensure redundancy and provide an even more stable network. We see Cloud Computing as an inevitable and preferential path for most businesses and are eager to help others grow in a more secure and certain environment that is the Cloud.